Hellenic New Zealand Congress

The aim of the Hellenic New Zealand Congress is to foster good relations between the Hellenic community and all New Zealanders, principally through sharing our Hellenic culture with all. We also provide a forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest and for activities to celebrate our common shared heritage.

The Congress welcomes membership from all New Zealanders. Check out their website for more information or send them an email.

The HNZC will be pursuing a number of cultural activities in 2012 in collaboration with other Greek and local community organisations.

The priority areas for 2010 include fundraising for education and promoting the modern Greek language. There will also be a number of social events during the year to celebrate and share our Hellenic Heritage with all New Zealanders. Details will be posted on our website and Facebook pages as events are confirmed.

Visit the website of Hellenic New Zealand Congress

Project 2012
Greek Food Festival Wellington

Come along and enjoy authentic Greek cuisine like souvlaki, calamari, filled pita bread, vegetarian meals, lokoumades, baklava and many other treats, with drinks from the bar or Greek coffee.

Come along and buy an icon or a bottle of olive oil and enjoy our food, music, and dancing and experience our Hellenic Culture.

Date    :           Saturday 25 February 2012

Time   :           10am – 3pm

Venue :           Greek Community Centre, Hania St, Mt Victoria

Everyone is Welcome. Admission is Free.

Contact : Vas Gavriel, vgavriel@gmail.com

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