Hindu Council of New Zealand

The Hindu Council of New Zealand has been working for the community since 1996 in New Zealand. Since May 2006, the Hindu Council of New Zealand is a registered Incorporated Society, a not for profit charitable organisations. It has a team of dedicated and committed volunteers with good understanding and clear vision inspired by eternal values of Dharma.        

The Hindu Council of New Zealand aims to deliver services of education, self-development, cultural development, sports development and care for the elderly, youth and children. It aims to bring all like-minded organisations and institutions in New Zealand together to promote universal human value and co-existence.

Project 2012
4th New Zealand Hindu Conference

The Hindu Council of New Zealand’s fourth New Zealand Hindu Conference has the theme “Serving Community – Serving New Zealand”. It is being held in Auckland on May 12 and 13.

The goal of this conference is to provide a platform and to bring together all Hindu volunteers, organizations and temples that are currently, capably contributing to the society, and to showcase their contribution to New Zealand, according to the council’s news release.

The Fourth National Hindu conference will provide the forum to bring forth their activities and the outcomes of those activities to the community and their motivation and commitment to volunteering, to the wider public, says the release.

The conference will include discussions on Hindu community’s contribution in serving New Zealand community through the education sector, media, health services, social and community services, and youth development. Youth will illustrate their contribution to community service.

Celebrating Deepwali / Diwali guidelines

The Hindu Council of New Zealand (HCNZ) has developed a guide to celebrate Deepwali  called,  Celebrating Deepawali – A guide for official functions . The guide aims to provide essential information about the festival and how to celebrate it in an authentic and a culturally appropriate way at your function – be it private, public or at your workplace.

The guide was launched in collaboration with the NZ Police at the NZ Police National Headquarters on Sunday 14 October as part of a deepwali lunch event for international tertiary students.


Contact: Pritika Sharma on 02107 24051 or e-mail: hinduconference@gmail.com


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