International Cultural Council, Otago University Students Association

The International Cultural Council of the Otago University Students Association was formed to cater for students from all over the world. It aims to provide information to students from overseas who are/will be studying at the University of Otago. The council also works to keep them updated with the latest issues, concerns, and events affecting international students and cultural groups here at Otago University. We host events to promote the cultural diversity of Dunedin, and the annual International Cultural Night is one of our biggest ones.

Project 2012
International Cultural Night

The night is full of cultural performances from all over the world from NZ to Africa and Asia, performed by members of the many individual national student clubs from various countries around the world affiliated to the Council. You can experience singing and traditional dances from other cultures. All profits are donated to Otago Community Hospice. The event is usually held in July.

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