KaPai Kaiti

Ka Pai Kaiti was formed in 2000 by a group of Kaiti residents who wanted to make Kaiti an even better place to live in.

We are a group of people who support this kaupapa and our members are mostly residents of Kaiti.

The group consisted of a wide range of people of different ages, cultures, iwi, faiths and professions. The thing they were, and still are, committed to, was improving the community they love and live in. Membership is open to anyone who wants to join.

Anyone can come along to a KaPai Kaiti meeting, they are held on a regular basis – for details of the next meeting contact Josh Wharehinga on 027 600 4844 or email: josh@kapaikaiti.com

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Projects 2012
 What are the things Kapai Kaiti put effort into?

Supporting, where and when we can, anyone or any group who is doing, or planning to do, positive things in Kaiti (e.g. one-off events, neighbourhood projects, new facilities and services, clubs and organisations in Kaiti)

- Providing opportunities for Kaiti residents to meet and share ideas, concerns and future plans with each other.

- Research for and by Kaiti residents on our community and other relevant topics (whanau development, community development, indigenous urban housing, local government participation, etc.)

- Liaising with local authorities and other organisations who have an interest in Kaiti, not to speak on behalf of Kaiti residents, but to:
(a) provide suggestions on how decision-makers and service providers might better engage Kaiti residents to encourage participation;
(b) provide information from research undertaken by and for Kaiti residents on relevant issues;
(c) encourage links between groups and individuals who may be interested in the issues presented; and
(d) challenge inappropriate, lazy, unjust or ineffective engagement and decision-making processes affecting Kaiti residents.

Ka Pai Kaiti Waitangi Day celebrations 2012

Ka Pai Kaiti have their annual Ka Pai Kaiti whānau event planned every Waitangi Day at Te Poho O Rawiri Marae.

For 2012 the event will include free entertainment, multicultural food stalls, local live entertainment, information stalls, outdoor recreation activities, local artists at work and a range of activities suitable for all ages and cultures.. Always popular was the Treaty Trivia Quiz with prizes.

People are invited to bring the whanau, young and old to enjoy time together with their neighbour commemorating the signing of the Treaty and the relationship between the Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti.

Puna Reo for Kaiti

The immersion Maori Language early childhood education centre opened in 2009 on the corner of Belfast Crescent and Cambridge .  It offers an affordable and accessible resource that provides whanau with a culturally appropriate learning centre for mokopuna.

A group of whanau had been working on the project for about three years to its opening in 2009 and with support from local neighbours, the project is being overseen by Ka Pai Kaiti.

Tarsh Koia has driven the project since it began and says the licensed centre aims to provide the best of immersion Maori education with a strong focus on child and whanau development.

Contact: Josh Wharehinga, josh@kapaikaiti.com



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