KIWI @ HOME Education Services Ltd

KIWI@HOME is an Education Support Service begun in 2009 and has over 24 years combined teaching experience, and over 10 years teaching English in New Zealand and Japan.

KIWI@HOME combines the roles of Agent, Counsellor and Education provider. We have a purpose designed classroom and office space and also provide tuition using Skype.

KIWI@HOME ensures that overseas students receive high quality tuition and combines the best local and best overseas knowledge, with qualified, expert advice for improving student’s English to provide them with the most satisfying and value added stay possible.  KIWI@HOME also links with other contracted tutors in most school subjects, and helps with the English aspect of all curriculum subjects.

KIWI@HOME has strong links to Japan and specialises in helping all international visitors get the most out of their stay in New Zealand. The name, KIWI@HOME was chosen because we want to provide a truly at home, personal service. We care about our students and customers like they are family. We are unique because we are a combination of native New Zealander and native Japanese, and we are both qualified and experienced English teachers. Ultimately KIWI@HOME would like to change the whole international student industry and make a new standard for all businesses, schools and homestays dealing with international students to operate to. There are some schools, organisations and host families who share this ideal, and we are proud to be associated with them.

Visit KIWI@HOME online at   (Japanese) or    (English)

Project 2012
Volunteer Ryugaku

KIWI@HOME has put together a volunteer exchange / study abroad venture with the Student Volunteer Army. The project “Volunteer Ryugaku” is aimed at getting Japanese students and visitors involved in volunteering in the wider Christchurch community and learning about and sharing their and our cultures along the way.

A short promotional video has been produced in association with “Greening the Rubble”. Already one student has started volunteering in Japan because of her experience in Christchurch.

Another project is aimed at enhancing and promoting positive engagement, acceptance, and increasing cultural awareness between NZ host families and international students to make every international student’s stay a beneficial one.

Contact: Dan or Yoshimi Fujikawa-Greig,

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