Literacy Westland Inc.

Based in Greymouth on the West Coast, Literacy Westland offers a range of literacy and numeracy tutoring for adults including one-to-one tutoring, group sessions, special courses and a personal, friendly service.

Literacy Westland offers help with reading, writing, spelling and numeracy as well as filling in forms. Tutors offer assistance for reading financial statements, bookwork and understanding how things like reading and writing work.

Attendance is voluntary and the service is at little or no cost to the student, and confidential.

Students may be an apprentice or a new worker; or in a new job or promotion; any situation where someone needs to improve their literacy and numeracy levels.

Literacy Westland is located at 80a Turumaha Street, Greymouth 7805 (between the old swimming baths and the Santa Fe Dairy).

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Project 2012
Pou Pou Mentoring

Literacy Westland are committed to being a Treaty-based organisation and integrating into the community with a key focus on Maori and Pasifika. In 2012, the organisation will be extending this commitment, to all aspects of the organisation; from the governance committee and business administration, to tutors and students. As with all volunteer organisations, we cover the whole community and wish to also represent the whole community by participation.

Contact: Barbara J Duckett,

Phone: (03) 768 6640
Free Phone: 0800 241 341


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