Local Government New Zealand

Local Government New Zealand is the national voice of local government and the champion of best practice in the sector.

We represent our diverse membership across districts, rural communities, regions and metropolitan areas in their delivery of local democracy.

We believe local democracy is about:

  • having the right mix of people, elected locally, to best represent each community
  • ensuring services are provided to the community in the best way possible
  • taking a collective approach to community needs
  • creating a sense of local identity and place.

Our mission is - ”Effective local governance across New Zealand.”

Local government exists to provide for the well-being of communities.  For these communities to flourish they need:

  • sustained economic development and employment
  • a healthy and safe environment
  • social cohesiveness
  • a vibrant and developing culture and identity
  • a stable political and economic climate.

Local government has a profound role to play in securing these outcomes for New Zealand communities.

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Project 2012
Council-Maori Engagement

The Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) requires councils to consider and promote the current and future wellbeing of communities.  It also introduced responsibilities and opportunities for engagement and cooperation between councils and Māori.  

Since 2002 Local Government New Zealand has prepared a number of resources to assist councils to help build stronger relationships between councils and Iwi, Hapu and Māori groups to support community wellbeing.

Local Government New Zealand’s work programme in 2012 will include a survey of local authority engagement with Maori. This survey was last undertaken in 2004, to identify current practices used by councils when working with or engaging Māori. The 2004 survey – titled Local Authority Engagement with Māori – was based on and updates a 1997 Local Government NZ survey: Liaison and Consultation with Tangata Whenua. The survey reports allow readers to track trends over time.

Local Government New Zealand’s work is also supported by Te Maruata. Te Maruata the Māori Committee is a sub-committee of the National Council of Local Government New Zealand. The role of Te Maruata is to promote increased representation of Māori as elected members of local government, and to enhance Māori participation in local government processes.  It also provides support for councils in building strong relationships with Iwi, Hapu and Māori groups.  Te Maruata provides Māori input on development of future policies or legislation relating to local government. Local Government New Zealand will continue to facilitate and support meetings of Te Maruata in 2012.

Contact : Mariska Wouters,  Mariska.Wouters@lgnz.co.nz


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