New Zealand Mugai Ryu Dojo

The New Zealand Mugai Ryu Dojo is an Iaido (Japanese sword art) dojo in Christchurch established in 2006.

The word I-ai-do is a combination of 3 characters; 居 –to be/exist, 合 – to match, be in harmony and 道 – the way/path/road. Iaido is a method of being in harmony with what is around you, the way of making your actions and existence suit the situation you find yourself in. Iaido is used as a vehicle to make become a better person, and the use of sword techniques and training ways of the samurai to achieve this goal.    

The Dojo facilitiates a number of initiatives including Iaido, and free Kendo training for young people of Christchurch.  Through the sister cities  relationship between Christchurch and Kurashiki City, Japan the Dojo promotes and encourages the understanding and sharing of Japanese culture with all New Zealander’s through educational, sporting, art, and other acitivities.

The Dojo has a culturally diverse range of participants and provides an opportunity for Japanese people to interact and learn about kiwi people and New Zealand.

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Projects 2012
Japan Day

The Dojo aims to participate in the Japan Society’s Japan Day on 11 March 2012 and demonstrate Japanese art and culture to the people of Christchurch, and continue to promote the Christchurch/Kurashiki sister city relationship.

Contact: Dan Fujikawa-Greig,

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