North East Valley Normal School

North East Valley Normal School is a primary school for years 1 – 6, situated in the cosy North Dunedin community of the North East Valley close to the University, the historical botanical gardens and four minutes drive from Dunedin City Centre.

The school develops close relationships with the parents of its pupils. We foster a welcoming attitude to parents and grandparents, and we encourage parents to contact us whenever they wish to know about their child’s wellbeing.

We are all about community. We want children to feel like they are part of a family of the school but also of the wider community.

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Projects 2012
Flying the Flags

The school flies a number of flags from its standard issue school flag pole – the NZ Flag, the Tino Rangitiratanga flag, the Silver Fern, the Hunderwasser flag, the Conferations of Chiefs flag and a rainbow flag to embrace diversity.

Community English Classes

The school runs free English conversation classes  for the community.

Contact : John McKenzie,  Tel. (03) 473 8246


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