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Outward Bound is the leading organisation in New Zealand for showing people their full potential through challenge and adventure in the outdoors. The vision of Outward Bound is simply stated as helping the development of ‘Better People, Better Communities and a Better World’.

This means to the staff of Outward Bound that through facilitating the growth of the individual, it enables them to become fully contributing members of their community and to become effective citizens of the world. Outward Bound is committed to the development of programmes that contribute to the development and understanding of New Zealand’s rich ethnic, cultural and socio economic mix.

Outward Bound was established in 1962 and still operates from the original location, Anakiwa, in the Marlborough Sounds. Anakiwa, 23 kilometres by road from Picton, has been described as the most perfectly situated Outward Bound school in the world. The natural timbered buildings of the facilities merge gracefully into the curve of the bay and are backed by native bush. In front stretches a long jetty where the school’s small fleet of cutters are at anchor. The ‘classrooms’ of the school are the native bush, mountains, rivers and seaways of Marlborough.

The Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand is a member of Outward Bound International which was founded by Kurt Hahn in Wales in 1941 – there are 42 member countries. Hahn was an educator, in his words: “We are all better than we know. If only we can come to discover this, we may never again settle for less”. All of Outward Bound’s courses are designed on these principles and at the heart of all the courses are the following objectives:

  • Self Development: Building your self awareness, self esteem and self confidence.
  • Social Development: Increasing social awareness, communication skills and understanding how to create effective relationships.
  • Values: Consideration of your own, others and Outward Bound’s values.
  • Environment: Experience education in, about and for the environment.
  • Service: Experience and understand what it means to be of service.

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Projects 2012
Southern Cross Multi-ethnic Course

The Outward Bound Trust, in partnership with the Human Rights Commission, provides an annual multi-ethnic course for young Aucklanders of Maori, Pakeha, Pacific, and other ethnic descent that have been identified by their communities as having leadership potential and an ability to contribute to the development of the communities. The objective of the course is to provide an opportunity for personal development, teamwork and gain an insight into and understanding of the cultural background of their fellow course participants.

They participate in a three week ‘Southern Cross’ leadership course at Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds, sponsored by the Sky City Community Trust. Following the course participants are encouraged to become part of an ongoing multi-ethnic youth leadership network in Auckland. Nine courses have been held so far, around February 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. This year’s course was held from the 31 January to 20 February.

Quotes from past course participants:

“The different values and beliefs of the various people were very interesting to observe. It reinforced to me that while people from other ethnic communities think and behave differently, everyone has something to offer.” Lauren Joe

“I was surprised to find that despite our various ethnic backgrounds, our similarities outweighed our differences. The course really immersed us in an environment where our specific cultures were not a major issue. As a group we were responsible for each individual’s well-being – and that became more important than noticing cultural differences.” Grace Ramirez

Aoraki Bound

This course has been developed in partnership with Ngai Tahu. The objective behind the course is that Ngai Tahu believes that cultural revitalisation is crucial to the future sustainability and development of Ngai Tahu as individuals and as a collective. Culture, values and language underpin all aspects of tribal life and are the threads that bind us as a people. Ngai Tahu recognises the need to develop its people, its culture and its place in Aotearoa. They also have a genuine desire to share their knowledge and values with all New Zealanders as we build a nation and a sense of what it is to be a citizen of this land. In this respect places are available on the course for those of non Ngai Tahu descent.

The course starts at the Outward Bound School in Anakiwa, followed by a 10 day hikoi through significant historical Ngai Tahu sites and finishes at the ancestral mountain of Ngai Tahu ‘Aoraki’. During the hikoi participants engage in mahinga kai activities (traditional food gathering practices), follow the pounamu trails of their ancestors and paddle waka across Lake Pukaki to the foot of Aoraki. Course content also features te reo, karakia, waiata, whakatauki, tikanga, rock art and a day of service in the community.

Quotes from past course participants:

“Aoraki Bound has given me this sense of true identity and belonging to my people and the land on which we live and say with pride that ‘I am Kai Tahu’.” Ngai Tahu participant:

“It made me aware of the significance of the culture to the individual and how it influences who they are and the decisions they make. It has given me a huge respect and consideration both for individuals and the bigger picture with NZ and the community and will alter how I now view community and country decisions.” Non-Ngai Tahu participant:

Niu FM Kickstart scholarship

Together with Niu Fm – The beat of the Pacific, Outward bound is offering a limited amount of $1000 scholarships for Maori and Pacific Islanders to experience the Outward Bound Classic course. 

Course options are for 21 day Classic (18-26 years) course starting 2 April; 29 April or 27 May 2012. 

If your application is successful, Outward Bound will kickstart you with $1000 towards your course fee!

Outward Bound contact CEO Trevor Taylor ttaylor@outwardbound.co.nz

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