Philippine Culture and Sports Club Inc

The Philippine Culture and Sports Club is a non-profit organisation operated and managed by Filipinos in Canterbury. It provides an opportunity for Filipinos to showcase aspects of their culture to the other ethnic and cultural groups in the community. This is achieved through performing dances, music, costumes, Filipino language teaching, selling ethnic food, displaying crafts and participating in community sport and cultural events.

Founded in 1989, the PCS has the following objectives:

  • Fostering cultural understanding in Canterbury;
  • Organising annual cultural programmes and encouraging the participation of members of the wider community;
  • Promoting Filipino culture and arts by helping to arrange visits to New Zealand of artists from the Philippines;
  • Helping to facilitate a smooth settlement process for new arrivals;
  • Promoting awareness of the cultural diversity of Christchurch in schools;
  • Organising an annual inter-ethnic basketball tournament; and
  • Organising other sport events;
  • Migrant advocacy.
Project 2012
2012 Christchurch Global Basketball Tournament

The club will again organize the Christchurch Global Basketball Tournament in November 2012 in conjunction with the Canterbury Basketball Association and supported by the Christchurch City Council. This two-day friendly competition of teams from different ethnic groups aims to facilitate friendship, understanding and community-building. For further information, please contact Delia Richards.

Leadership Building for Migrant Youth

A new project will be initiated in 2012 with the aim of building the leadership capability of young people from migrant communities. Details will be announced later.

Twirling with Time II in Christchurch, 16 June

On Saturday 16 June from 5.00 in the afternoon, Filipinos will demonstrate their historical journey through dance, music and costume adapted from foreign countries at the auditorium of the Villa Maria College, Christchurch. The Filipino soul and character will be presented in three areas. The first part will depict the political activity that led to their independence from the Spaniards, followed by the various festivals in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  To add flair, the last part will feature two religious celebrations, the Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) held in honour of the Virgin Mary; and the Santacruzan, that will remind us of the mystical finding of the True Cross by Helena, mother of Constantine the Great.

For more information contact Dehls Richards.

Contact : Delia Richards,

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