Settlement Support Whangarei District Council

Settlement Support Whangarei District Council provides an information and referral service in Whangarei to new settlers, migrants and refugees. People can drop in on Fridays at the contact desk at Forum North. A welcome pack is available to newcomers. A telephone interpreter service is available if needed. Information is also provided in a free booklet, revised in 2011, the New Settlers Guide. The booklet is also available online in English, Korean and Chinese.

A steering group works with the project and aims to assist newcomers to feel welcome in Whangarei and to raise the profile regarding the positive contributions that migrants are making to the district.

Visit the website of Settlement Support- Whangarei District Council.

Project 2012
Regular Events

To bring new migrants together, to give them information and to showcase their contributions to the Whangarei District.

Marking Race Relations Day

The International Food Festival will be held on Saturday 24 March 5pm at Whangarei Intermediate School, 32 Rust Ave, starting at 5pm admission is free.

There will be food and snacks for sale from a variety of different countries and traditions – including Indian, Vietnamese, Persian and Fijian, as well as multi-ethnic food stalls. There will be dance, music, arts and crafts. This year’s theme is “A fair go for all‟. Each year, the Race Relations Day celebration coincides with the Baha’is New Year and unites diverse cultures and communities all over the world. The event is organised by the local Race Relations Day organising committee: the Baha’i Community, English Language Partners, Settlement Support, Whangarei Migrant Centre and WINGS. Jenny Huddleston, ph. 09 4382512 or email

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