SPROUT (Sports, Recreation and Outdoors Trust)

SPROUT is a community owned organisation and we empower people to make the best decisions for their health and wellbeing.

We raise awareness amongst South Asian communities about increased risk of CVD and diabetes. We provide opportunity to community in preventing these risks through improved nutrition and increased physical activity. We develop culturally appropriate community brands to make a REAL difference at grassroots ( BollyworX, Healthguru, Learn 2 B Green and RUN for your HEART). We promote volunteering in South Asian community. We provide smorgasbord of healthy options.

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Projects 2012

Indian Community & Sports Awards (ICSA) 2012

ICSA will recognise contribution of Indian sports people at a grassroots level in pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields and to honour the outstanding achievements attained by Indians. ICSA’s main objective is to promote community development and enhance sports achievement within New Zealand Indian Community.

SPROUT will host the inaugural Indian Sports & Community Awards ceremony on Saturday 26 May 2012 – 6.30 to 9.30 pm at SUDIMA Hotels, Airport, Auckland.Nominations are open to people of Indian descent who are involved in community work, volunteering or have represented their chosen sport(s) at a local, regional or international level. Anyone ( General public, friends and families) can nominate someone for these awards.

Bollyworx – Workout with Bollywood music

It’s not dance but a full body workout that is just plain fun body movements with Bollywood music. BollyworX is run by BollyworX instructors who are all trained ‘Community Coaches’ and instruct in different Indian regional languages. The music used in the BollyworX sessions is also a mix of popular Bollywood and regional hits. Though our South Asian community is so very diverse, there is something for everyone, everytime.

Though this programme is for all age groups, families with kids and working mums, dads including senior citizens can benefit immensely.

BollyworX provides great variety because of our large pool of instructors and hit songs which definitely keeps you from getting bored.

Contact: Munish Bhatt, info@sprout.net.nz

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