The Overseas Experiment

The Overseas Experiment is a music, dance and cultural arts collective based in Wellington. This organisation aims to support and promote the expansion of high quality traditional music, dance and arts from a diverse range of cultures.

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With support from creative communities, this organisation has now produced a compilation CD featuring the music of local Wellington based ‘world music’ artists. Contributions have come from African, Asian, European, Latin American and other cultures and proceeds will assist the Overseas Experiment to contribute to the development of the Cultural music and Arts Community in New Zealand. Other projects planned include music workshops and recording opportunities for refugee and migrant youth as well as performances of the overseas experiment band at various events.

As from the end of March 2012, the Overseas Project will focus on the sale of the compilation CD.  

Projects 2012
Sale of Compilation CD: “Wellington World Music Collection”

The Overseas Experiment’ proudly presents this compilation of locally produced music in traditional and contemporary ‘world music’ styles.

This album features songs from Wellington-based musicians from variety of ethnic and musical traditions.  Proceeds from the sale of the CDs will go to support the future work to develop musical opportunities for refugee and recent migrant background youth in Wellington. The CDs are on sale at a variety of music outlets


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