Volunteering Canterbury

Volunteering Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of “supportive communities where voluntary work is understood, recognised and valued”.

One of their objectives is “to promote cross-cultural understanding where the unique role of tangata whenua is recognised”.

For more information visit Volunteering Canterbury website or contact their free phone number 0800 865 268 (within Canterbury).

Projects 2012
Celebrating Diversity

Volunteering Canterbury celebrates diversity by participating in Maori Language Week, Human Rights Day and Race Relations Day events.

Te Reo and Tikanga Lessons

Volunteering Canterbury plans to offer Te Reo and Tikanga lessons to staff.

Partnership with Te Runaka o Kai Tahu

Volunteering Canterbury signed a partnership agreement with Te Runaka o Kai Tahu.


Volunteering Canterbury
Phone: (03) 366-2442 Freephone 0800 865 268
Email: vc@volcan.org.nz

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