Wellington Regional Somali Council

The Wellington Regional Somali Council is a grassroots organisation that runs community development initiatives to promote the welfare, culture, and positive integration of Somali people in Wellington. Projects are not just targeted at the Somali community, as the organisation also has a strong focus on providing opportunities to enhance the social, educational and recreational achievements of all young people from
refugee backgrounds.

The organisation is action-focused, with a strong emphasis on building capacity within the refugee community to identify and overcome the community’s own challenges and initiate and run sustainable programmes. Information and awareness raising activities include a Somali radio programme on Access Radio, website development as well as various one-off health promotion andworkshop initiatives. Community development projects include the Holiday Programme for Refugee Youth, the Ethnic Youth Study Centre, youth leadership activities, initiatives for Muslim girls, the Somali boy’s soccer programme, advocacy for individuals, and developing other support and capacity building initiatives.

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Projects 2012
Social work and Advocacy Service

The Wellington Somali Council supports Somali people in the Wellington region who need information or advocacy. It also has a community social work service to support families under stress and families with high health needs.

Youth Leadership Development Programme

The Wellington Somali Council is working together with a group of Somali youth to try to build capacity in the Somali youth to develop and carry out their own projects. One of the initiatives the youth leadership group will be working on, is the development of a youth mentor programme for Somali youth

Ethnic Youth Study Centre

The Centre was set up by the Wellington Somali Council with the help of Wellington East Girls College, to provide free one-on-one homework help and support for young people from all different refugee backgrounds. Refugee students can face many challenges in reaching their potential in New Zealand.

Contact Faduma Moallin, fmohallim@yahoo.com

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