Part II: Immediate Actions

Many improvements to the accessibility of public land transport services can be made with little expenditure or disruption to existing process and within a relatively short timeframe.

16. Changes in bus driver training and behaviour

That pending the full implementation of the recommendations on driver training, immediate action be taken by bus operators and drivers to:[108]

  1. Ensure that all passengers are seated and/or secured before moving off.
  2. Ensure that buses stop immediately adjacent to the kerb when picking up passengers.
  3. Eliminate “rough driving”.
  4. Ensure that all buses using multiple route bus stops pull up to the front of the stop, or their section of the stop, to check if there are any passengers waiting for their service.
  5. Ensure the safe entrance and egress of passengers by providing appropriate assistance where necessary.

17. Bus, on-board announcements

That pending the full implementation of on-board automated announcements, bus operators introduce policies that require:[109]

  1. A driver to announce their service number when they identify a blind or visually impaired person waiting for a ride.
  2. Drivers to announce all major stops and any specific stops requested by passengers.
  3. Some form of amplification to enable driver announcements to be heard.

Similar policies could be adopted by train service operators for implementation by train station managers and train managers.

18. Trains

That pending the full implementation of the recommendations, rail service providers introduce immediate changes that include:[110]

  1. Ensuring that timetables displayed at stations are in large print and are up to date.
  2. Ensuring on-board announcements of station stops.
  3. Ensuring that platform edges and train steps are clearly marked in a contrasting colour.

And at all staffed stations:

  1. Ensuring that ticket sales points are accessible.
  2. Providing both visual and audible information at stations.
  3. Providing information, such as cancellations or replacement information, platform allocations and changes as early as possible and regularly repeating announcements.

19. Review of progress

That the Human Rights Commission undertake a review of progress in implementing these recommendations in 2010.

Table 2: National Accessibility Design Performance Standards - Timetable for Compliance: