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All vacancies at the Human Rights Commission are advertised here.

Current vacancies

VACANCY: Research and Analytics Advisor

Position Description: Research and Analytics Advisor

This is a full time permanent role, Wellington based and reports to the Programme Manager in the Programme Management team.

Through rigorous research and evidence based analysis, the Research and Analytics Advisor is accountable for helping to identify the emerging human rights trends/issues which can inform the Human Rights Commission’s focus, planning and response.

This is a role that will coordinate, peer review, and manage the quality control activity within the Commission. The Research and Analytics Advisor will work closely, connect and benchmark the Commission’s existing research/analysis work.

For this role, the successful candidate will have:

  • More than 3 years experience scoping and designing research, using both qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Strong experience in statistical analysis and data evaluation techniques
  • Demonstrated ability to identify and present key information and trends from large volumes of data and information
  • Evaluation skills for determining whether policy and practice changes (internal and external) are achieving desired /expected outcomes and identification and development of indicators to measure progress and change in identified areas
  • Has experience in data validation (e.g. triangulation – seeking evidence from a wide range of sources and comparing findings from those different sources)
  • Wide knowledge of data evaluation tools and techniques including thematic analysis
  • Proven ability to monitor trends and developments in relevant business areas across diverse information platforms;
  • More than 3 years practical experience accessing information platforms and knowing where the best data is
  • Advanced social media skills; media savvy
  • An understanding of human rights issues in New Zealand and a commitment to public service Full position details are provided within the attached job description.

Applications are to be sent to humanresources@hrc.co.nz and must be received by 9 am on Monday, 7th September 2015.  

VACANCY: Programme Manager

Position Description: Programme Manager

This is a full time permanent role, Wellington based and reporting to the Chief Executive.

This role is accountable for providing a co-ordinated strategic approach to Commission programmes and projects. The role includes oversight and coordination of the Commission’s work-load to enable optimisation of the Commission’s resources, and improved control over projects, ensuring on-time delivery within budget, benefit realisation and performance improvement.

For this role, the successful candidate will have:

  • More than 3 years of project management experience
  • Knowledge of, and can apply, project management systems, processes and methodologies
  • Strong logistical and applied planning skills
  • Has demonstrated analytical skills
  • Strong relationship management skills
  • Experience providing information in impactful ways
  • Sufficient knowledge of research techniques to guide and manage a research advisor
  • Knowledge of Crown Entity statutory reporting requirements and parliamentary select committee processes
  • Full details are available in the attached position description.

Applications are to be sent to humanresources@hrc.co.nz and must be received by 5 pm on Friday, 11th September 2015.  

How to apply

Applications must be received by the close of business on the closing date. The recruitment panel is under no obligation to accept late applications. Your written application will be considered by the recruitment panel in order to short-list candidates for interview.

Please ensure your CV is up to date, clear, concise and complete while demonstrating how you could be effective in the position. The Commission encourages applications from people of all ethnicities and people with disabilities.

If you would like to be informed about other upcoming positions in the future, please register your interest.

Equal employment opportunities

The Commission has an EEO policy and is a member of the EEO Employers Group and we adhere to EEO principles in our work and recruitment. If you intend to apply, you should ensure that you meet the requirements of the position. Please read the guidelines for job applicants.

Job descriptions for vacancies are competency based – roles are described in terms of the knowledge and skills required to carry out the duties of the position. Recruitment is based on merit.