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The Rainbow Tick

In 2016, the Commission was successful in achieving the Rainbow Tick and assessed as meeting the NZ Standard, Rainbow-inclusive workplaces: gender and sexual diversity in employment. We were the first public sector agency to achieve the Rainbow Standard and the Tick. 

The Rainbow Tick programme allows businesses and organisations to understand what they are doing well in regard to their Rainbow personnel, what they need to improve, and how to do this. Through the help of the Rainbow Tick, a manager can become a better employer and derive the best from an employee.

Getting the Rainbow Tick also allows us to show our employees and all of New Zealand that we are a progressive, inclusive, and dynamic organisation that reflects the community that we serve. 

We are proud and excited to be recognised for our efforts as a welcoming and inclusive workplace and urge other organisations to consider doing the same. 


There is a strong business case for creating an inclusive workplace. Inclusive workplaces are more likely to attract high quality applicants, retain staff, enhance employee production, enhance the brand, mitigate risk, and ensure legal compliance.

Organisations have a unique opportunity to drive positive change and create innovative working spaces that are inclusive to gender and sexuality diverse people.


All organisations must do all they can do make their staff feel included in the workplace. Staff should not feel that they have to hide part of themselves for fear of discrimination.

The Tick

The original logo was designed by Tuteri Rangihaeata of Waha Ltd. At the base of the tick is an adze with a sharp edge representing Te Toki – an instrument for shaping the attitudes of society. At its tail are shark’s teeth representing Te Kaha – strength of commitment to wellness and the right to full participation in society. The tick sits on a white koru representing Te Ao the world.