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Alert: The Commission closes for the holiday period on Friday 24 December and reopens on Monday 10 January. We will read and consider any complaints made during this time after we reopen.

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The Human Rights Act protects people in New Zealand from discrimination. The Act outlines what behaviours are against the law, and the process for protecting your rights. Here is a summary of the types of discrimination you can complain about under the Act. Learn more about the Act here.

The Human Rights Commission offers two free, confidential services for the public.

  1. Human rights information and support: If you have faced discrimination, hateful speech, or your human rights have been denied, contact us. Our team can help you to get the information and support you need from the commission or another organisation if they are better able to help.
  2. Dispute Resolution: If what you are experiencing, or have experienced in the past, could be unlawful discrimination you may be referred to our team of mediators for dispute resolution. They will step you through how we can work with you to help resolve your complaint.

How does dispute resolution work?

When a discrimination complaint is referred to the Dispute Resolution team, a mediator will contact you to discuss what happened and how we can help. Please be aware our response times are significantly delayed due to a high volume of complaints about Covid-19.

Dispute resolution can involve:

  • a mediator contacting the other party and informally mediating between you and them until the situation is resolved. 
  • a mediation meeting, either in person or online.

If dispute resolution does not work you can take your case to Human Rights Review Tribunal. This is an independent court, administered by the Ministry of Justice, and separate from the Human Rights Commission.  

You can also apply to the Office of Human Rights Proceedings to get free legal representation when you take a case to the tribunal. 

If you think you have been discriminated against or want to enquire about our process, contact our Infoline team:

Freephone: 0800 496 877
Email: [email protected]
Text: 021 0236 4253
Postal address: PO Box 6751, Victoria Street West Auckland 1142

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You can send a letter or use the complaint form below:

If you need an interpreter or help filling this in, please call the New Zealand Human Rights Commission InfoLine toll-free on 0800 496 877.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can use the New Zealand Relay Service 

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Case Studies

Case studies are published by the Commission. This is a way of promoting human rights by highlighting cases of specific interest. We may use a complaint you are involved in but you cannot be identified because all the details are changed. If a case attracts media attention, we will contact you to discuss whether or not you wish to talk to them. We will not give the media your personal details and it is your choice if you wish to speak to them or not.