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Advice and support

The Human Rights Commission provides information and, if needed, free mediation for human rights and discrimination cases in New Zealand that are covered by the Human Rights Act 1993.

Read a booklet on our free and confidential human rights complaints service 

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Other agencies

Often conduct that is unlawful under the Human Rights Act is also covered by other laws. This means issues can be dealt with by making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission or to another organisation. You don’t have to make a choice, initially, about whether to go to the Human Rights Commission or to another body.

Other agencies that may be able to help you are:

For further advice:

The courts and police

Some behaviour that is unlawful under the Act may also be a criminal offence. For example, some types of sexual harassment may also be sexual assaults. Some types of incitement of racial disharmony may qualify as offensive behaviour.

People can make a complaint under the Act and also lay criminal charges with the police or begin proceedings through the courts about the same matter. You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Protecting people from victimisation

The Human Rights Act protects people from being victimised because they contacted the Commission about a complaint or supported another person to make a complaint.

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