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Trans People Fact Sheet D: LINKS: Trans youth


[email protected]

A network for trans and gender diverse youth in Christchurch and Dunedin, that meets in Christchurch

G-IQ (Gender Identity Quest)

An Auckland-based social support group for youth questioning their gender identity


A Wellington group for young people who identify as transgender, genderqueer, non-gendered or questioning, and their allies

Some inclusive queer youth groups and networks


A national queer youth development initiative for young people to discuss sexuality and gender identity

Rainbow Youth

Auckland-based support and drop-in-centre for trans and queer young people and their families plus contact details for transinclusive youth groups in other parts of the country

Same Difference

[email protected]

A Dunedin queer social support group for people aged 20 and under 


A social support network for queer youth in Canterbury NZ

Schools Out

A hang out / support group for queer school students and young people in the Wellington region that is inclusive of trans, gender queer, takataapui, fa’afafine, androgynous and questioning youth