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Sexual harassment

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwelcome or offensive sexual behaviour that is repeated or significant enough to have a harmful effect on you.

The Human Rights Act makes this unlawful when it occurs in:

For more information, contact the Human Rights Commission’s toll free InfoLine on 0800 496 877.

Examples of sexual harassment

You may have been sexually harassed if:


The Human Rights Act protects people from being victimised because they contacted the Commission about harassment, were involved in a dispute or supported another person to make a complaint.

Why you should act

You don’t have to put up with sexual behaviour you don’t like

Why sexual harassment is wrong

What you can do about sexual harassment

If this doesn’t work, or is inappropriate, you can seek advice and assistance from:

Disclaimer: While we have tried to make this information as accurate as possible, it should not be regarded as legal advice.

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