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Trans People Fact Sheet I: RESOURCES: Health

The Transgender Child: A handbook for families and professionals

A comprehensive 2008 US book published by Gender Spectrum Education and Training that can also be borrowed from the Human Rights Commissionís library by emailing [email protected]

Families in TRANSition

A comprehensive June 2008 Canadian resource for parents and families on supporting trans children (PDF 28 MB)

Transgender Children: Resources

Overseas resources collated by ABC News in conjunction with a 20/20 documentary about trans children and their families

I Think I Might Be Transgender, Now What Do I Do?

A 2004 brochure by and for transgender youth, produced by Advocates for Youth

Letís Talk Trans: A resource for trans and questioning youth

A 2006 resource produced by Vancouver Coastal Health, Transcend (Transgender Support and Education Society) and the Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition

A Guide for Young Trans People in the UK

A 2007 UK Department of Health resource

Transgender Student Information

Brochure for trans students at Otago University about changing name and sex details on many of the universityís administrative records, that may be useful for people at other tertiary institutions

Bending the Mould: An action kit for transgender students

A US action kit developed by Lambda Legal and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition and updated in 2008

21 Ways to be an Ally to Trans Youth

Workshop and discussion resource adapted from a USA document

Affirming Diversity

Family Planning NZís practical guide for teachers and others discussing gender identity and sexual orientation issues with young people

Safety in our Schools Action Kit

Out Thereís 2004 NZ action kit for schools on addressing sexual orientation prejudice that includes some gender identity material

LGBTQ Friendly Colleges/Universities and Student Resources

A comprehensive guide created to help LGBTQ students understand how many campuses are helping to make the college experience more welcoming and supportive.