Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewing decisions

Can the Commission review decisions made by organisations like ACC, Work and Income New Zealand and New Zealand Immigration Service?

The Commission can help with complaints about discriminatory treatment in the way service is provided by other organisations. For example, if you approach an organisation like ACC for help or advice and you felt you were treated unfairly because of your race or on the basis of one of the other unlawful grounds, the Commission could help.

The Commission may also provide advice on the best course of action where decisions are made by other organisations even where it cannot review or intervene in them. The Immigration Act specifically excludes the Commission from dealing with complaints about the application of the Immigration Act.

Most organisations have their own review and/or appeal process for people who are unhappy with their decisions. For example:

If the decision relates to an organisation’s process you may be able to complain to the Ombudsman. If you want more information about this option contact the Office of the Ombudsmen.

Complaint Line is a gateway website for organisations that provide the public with complaint resolution processes.