People with disabilities

Making disability rights real

To help monitor the implementation of the Disability Convention, a mechanism or group of agencies has been set up to monitor and report on the Government’s performance. This group is made up of three independent partners: the Human Rights Commission; the Ombudsman and the New Zealand Convention Coalition. Collectively, this group is known as the 'Independent Monitoring Mechanism or IMM. 


The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Disability Convention) focuses on the human rights of disabled people. The Disability Convention recognises that disabled people do not generally have the same access to human rights as other people do. It calls on governments worldwide to remove barriers preventing disabled people from participating fully in society. The Government has agreed to implement this convention. This means disabled people in New Zealand can expect their rights to be realised more quickly.

Interim Report on the Right to Inclusive Education 2016

The Article 24: The Right to an Inclusive Education  Interim Implementation Report was released by the Independent Monitoring Mechanism in June 2016. It focuses on the current implementation status of Article 24 of the CRPD (the right to an inclusive education). A final report will be released in September 2016.

Annual report of the monitoring mechanism 2013-2014

Making disability rights real, the second report of the Independent Monitoring Mechanism of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was launched in Christchurch on 7 August 2014.

Full report

Summary report

Annual report of the monitoring mechanism 2011-2012

The Independent Monitoring Mechansim of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities published its first monitoring report in December 2012.

Information about the Disability Convention’s monitoring mechanism

A leaflet, Making disability rights real, has been produced to explain each member’s role and how the Government’s progress on the Disability Convention will be monitored.

Making disability rights real is available in the following formats:

IMM Meeting Minutes: