International reporting

As one of the 168 States that have ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), New Zealand is required to undergo regular reviews by the Committee on how it is implementing the Covenant.

6th ICCPR Periodic Review

List of issues prior to reporting

  • List of issues prior to submission of the sixth periodic report of New Zealand: PDF | Word | HTML

New Zealand Government Report

  • Sixth New Zealand Government report on the ICCPR: PDF
  • Annex to the Government report: Word
  • Core document forming part of the Government report: PDF | Word | HTML

Human Rights Commission Report

  • Submission of the HRC to the Human Rights Committee: PDF
  • Information for the LOIPR: Word

Submissions from Civil Society Organisations (for the session) 

  • Alternative report prepared by the Monitoring Mechanism of the National Iwi Chairs Forum of Aotearoa/New Zealand: Word
  • Alternative Shadow Report - filed by Dr Tony Ellis, Barrister: PDF
  • Aotearoa /New Zealand Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex (SOGII) UPR Coalition: Word
  • Cooper Legal: PDF
  • International Fellowship Of Reconciliation (IFOR): Word
  • New Zealand Law Society: PDF
  • Peace Movement Aotearoa: PDF
  • Report relating to Representation of Maori in Local Government: PDF
  • The Aotearoa Indigenous Rights Trust (AIR Trust): Word
  • The Monitoring Mechanism of the National Iwi Chairs Forum: PDF

 Submissions from Civil Society Organisations (for the LOIPR) 

  • International Fellowship Of Reconciliation (IFOR): Word
  • New Zealand Law Society: PDF
  • Peace Movement Aotearoa: PDF

List of delegations/participants 

  • Complete list of delegations and participants: PDF

Summary of New Zealand's examination by the Human Rights Committee 

  • The summary of the Human Rights Committee's consideration of the report of New Zealand can be found here