Commission continues to urge Government to act reasonably, consistently and with dignity

Commission continues to urge Government to act reasonably, consistently and with dignity

June 25, 2015

Four years after a series of quakes forever changed the lives of many Canterbury people the Human Rights Commission is continuing to urge Government to treat affected people “reasonably, generously, consistently and with dignity”.

“The significant time delay caused by Government’s recovery approach has harmed the health and wellbeing of many affected people,” said Chief Human Rights Commissioner David Rutherford.

Earlier this year the Supreme Court said Cera needed to revise offers to owners in the city’s so called ‘red zone’.  The court action was brought by affected people and today Cera announced improved offers for those people.

The Human Rights Commission welcomed the announcement.

“We are pleased the offers are substantially better than those originally made, however the artificial distinctions remain,” said Mr Rutherford.

“We understand why people affected by those artificial distinctions may seek further intervention from the Supreme Court.”

Mr Rutherford said the Human Rights Commission had consistently urged Government to take a “reasonable and generous approach to people affected by the Christchurch earthquakes so they can move on with their lives with dignity and on an equal basis with others affected across the region.”

“We have consistently argued that such an approach should not be limited by artificial distinctions between insurance categories and types of properties such as the so called ‘red zone’.”

The proposals as they stand do not resolve existing issues facing people who are choosing to stay and live in their homes in the so called ‘red zone’.

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