Commission welcomes historic conviction quashing announcement

Commission welcomes historic conviction quashing announcement

February 9, 2017

The Human Rights Commission has today welcomed Justice Minister Amy Adams’ announcement that historic convictions for sex between men in New Zealand will be quashed.

Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley says the announcement will go a long way towards restoring the human rights of those whose lives have been affected by convictions for gay sex, before the Homosexual Law Reform Act was introduced in 1986.

“I’m delighted that the Minister has shown strong leadership in her proposal to fix what has been a blight on the lives and memories of hundreds of people who ran afoul of an unjust Victorian law.

“I'm also very pleased to see reports of support from this from parties across the House.

“For many of those affected by these convictions, today’s announcement will be life-changing. I look forward to hearing the details of how the process will work for applicants or their families,” Mr Tankersley says.

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