Commissioner commends RACS on 'Let’s Operate with Respect' campaign

Commissioner commends RACS on 'Let’s Operate with Respect' campaign

May 4, 2016

EEO Commissioner, Dr Jackie Blue has commended The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) for their continued focus on dealing with discrimination, bullying and harassment in surgical practices in Australasia.

In March 2015, the RACS, following a shocking survey which revealed that half of all surgical fellow, trainees and international graduates had suffered from abuse in the workplace, appointed an Expert Advisory Group to advise on the extent of these issues and offer potential solutions. 

Yesterday the College announced the launch of a new campaign, ‘Let’s Operate With Respect’.

The campaign aims to get surgeons talking about these problems and support culture change in the profession.

Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue says the launch of the campaign sends a strong message to the profession that the College of Surgeons has a clear and continued focus on dealing with and eliminating discrimination, bullying and harassment in the surgical workplace. 

“RACS is an exceptional example of an organisation walking the talk. They have had my full support from the time they went public with their concerns. By dealing head-on with an issue that is widespread across a profession, they have shown great courage and determination.

“The action by the College of Surgeons and their new campaign is the beginning of a cultural change across not only the entire health sector, but across all of New Zealand. It is vitally important that we are creating a nationwide culture where human rights and respect for others is at its core.

 “I would like to commend the work by College president, Professor David Watters, to set in motion the action that I am confident will bring about positive change.” Dr Blue says. 

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The RACS has shown a desire to incorporate human rights into medical practice. You can learn more about how your business or organisation can do likewise here

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