Disability Pride Week is back for 2019!

Disability Pride Week is back for 2019!

July 31, 2019

Disabled people want to live in an Aotearoa New Zealand where they can be proud. Disabled people want to live in an inclusive, caring and just place where they are visible and represented on their own terms, and where disability is considered a valuable part of diversity.

But currently, disabled students and parents still have to fight for real inclusion at school. Three in four unemployed disabled people want to work. And too often, disabled people are portrayed narrowly as inspirational or pitiable in media representations, though the visibility of disabled journalists and writers is increasing.

For the last three years now, Disability Pride Week has been a vehicle to shift those conversations. It's a chance to focus on valuing, celebrating and being proud of disabled people and what they have to offer. It's also an opportunity for non-disabled allies to organise events and celebrate with us. With the local elections fast approaching, the 2019 Disability Pride Week theme is "setting the agenda."

When: Monday 16 September till Sunday 22 Sept
Where: Across Aotearoa New Zealand

“We are setting the agenda, showcasing our creativity, proud of ourselves and our communities.”

To get involved, click here.