Farewell to Dr Jackie Blue

Farewell to Dr Jackie Blue

October 30, 2018

The Human Rights Commission has farewelled Equal Employment Opportunities, Women and SOGISC Rights Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue. 

Dr Blue has been with the Commission since 2013.

In celebrating her achievements, acting Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero said Dr Blue had created a lasting legacy advocating for equality, diversity and respect in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

“One of Jackie’s biggest strengths during her term as a Commissioner has been being able to bring together disparate groups to work towards a common goal. She has worked with business, unions, NGOs and politicians from all political parties to achieve common advocacy goals.

“Jackie has also advocated that political parties strive to include 50% women MPs. Happily, at the end of her term New Zealand’s Parliament is much closer to achieving that goal of equality with 40% women and MP’s and our third female Prime Minister,” said Ms Tesoriero.

Ms Tesoriero said that Dr Blue worked tirelessly to advocate for fairness in the workplace including the elimination of the gender and ethnic pay gaps that exist in both the private and public sector.

“When Jackie started her term as Commissioner in 2013 the gender pay gap in New Zealand was 11.2%, at the end of her term in 2018 it has dropped to 9.2%.”

Dr Blue has moved to Rotorua to spend time with her family.

Saunoamaali’i Dr Karanina Sumeo has joined the Commission as the new Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner. 

Dr Sumeo who has worked as a policy and social worker has extensive experience in issues related to children, women, the rainbow community, social protection, youth employment and gender equality. 

She is expected to begin in early November.