GAYTM attack sad but the show will go on in full swing

GAYTM attack sad but the show will go on in full swing

February 20, 2015

Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Richard Tankersley says he is really disappointed to see that the GAYTM in Queen Street Auckland has been vandalised.

“I was delighted to see the decorated money machine last week when I was in Auckland for some Gay Pride events. I had a wonderful time at the Big Gay Out and felt the city was really enjoying the celebrations,” Mr Tankersley said.

“People are entitled to their opinions but vandalism and violence has no place in NZ society. Anyone who knows anything about this attack should contact the Police so that these vandals can be held accountable.

“I congratulate ANZ for joining the celebrations of the Auckland gay festival. It is good to see businesses standing up for human rights. It is particularly good that they intend to redecorate the money machine to show they are behind the festival and won’t be put off by negative attitudes.

“I really support the gay festival and wish everyone a wonderful weekend and parade. This type of negativity will not dampen the lively, community spirit of Gay Pride,” he said.

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