Good Employer data released

Good Employer data released

March 6, 2018

Data released today by the Human Rights Commission shows a positive shift from Crown entities to meet their obligations as good employers but demonstrates more needs to be done to incorporate employees with disabilities.

The Good Employer data, which is collected by assessing the annual reports of New Zealand’s 91 Crown entities, covers the 2016/17 financial year and looks at how each organisation is meeting their good employer obligations.

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue says the data shows how seriously Crown entities are taking their obligations to be good employers and highlights where progress must continue to take place.

“I’m really pleased to see that over half of Crown entities have achieved 100 percent compliance with the good employer obligations – with seven of them achieving this for the first time this year.

“This data indicates that Crown entities are serious about addressing issues of inequity within their workforces. I have always said, what we can measure we can manage. The data they are producing will enable them to assess where the issues lie and then address them.

“We are seeing increasing numbers of Crown entities reporting on their gender and ethnic pay gaps, however, only 69% of them are providing data on the number employees with disabilities – this is either because they are not tracking them, or they aren’t employing them.

“Moving forward, we are hopeful that we will see a lift in the inclusion of disability-related data as Crown entities continue to work to meet their obligations to create inclusive workforces,” Dr Blue says.

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