Community News: Help make New Zealand more accessible

Community News: Help make New Zealand more accessible

November 24, 2015


For the one in four Kiwis living with an impairment, who have trouble accessing the world around us, accessibility really matters.

The truth is, every one of us will face this challenge at some point in our lives, whether through ageing, accident or birth.

To. Be. Me., Produced by Borderless, is a for purpose film that follows the journey of one of New Zealand's pre-eminent social change movements to create the most accessible place to be in the world

The Invitation

At least one million New Zealanders dream of living in the most accessible country in the world.

In week one, there will be 100 screenings taking place in homes and workplaces all over NZ.

Be.Accessible have come up with an idea they hope will help make New Zealand a wonderful and truly accessible experience for everyone - and change the world.

Starting Saturday, November 7, every Kiwi is invited to join in making The Invitation - a challenge to take action at home, at work and in the community.

Taking Part is easy and loads of fun:

  • Passionate Kiwis are invited to step up and host screenings of the documentary film, To. Be. Me., (which we provide free on DVD and online) at home, work and in the community.
  • Invite your friends, colleagues and family to your event, show the film, and use the Take Action Guide to get going in making simple changes at work, home or in your community.
  • The website has a great list of access actions, and if you think of something new, you can add it to the list for others to choose from. This builds a collaborative community of people, all creating accessibility together.  

100 Screenings – Ready to Go!

In week one of the campaign, there will be 100 screenings taking place in homes and workplaces all over New Zealand. To check out who's already stepping up and leading the way, visit the screenings list on The Invitation website.

If you would like to attend one of the screenings listed as "public", simply contact the organiser of the event.

Take Part in Changing your World

Imagine if every one of us did one small thing to make our home, workplace or community more accessible? A smile, a welcoming attitude, a more accessible doorway or a new innovation…it all matters and goes a long way to creating a truly accessible and inclusive society.

This is Your Invitation – your chance to step up and take part in changing your world for the better. Visit The Invitation and register today. Take your first action by hosting a screening of To. Be. Me.

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