Human Rights Commission condemns dumping of disabled taxi passenger

Human Rights Commission condemns dumping of disabled taxi passenger

September 22, 2015

The Human Rights Commission has condemned the actions of a Hamilton taxi driver who abandoned a disabled passenger on a busy road this week.

“We are concerned that the taxi company has no comment on this matter. By law taxi drivers must act safely, courteously and with tolerance but disabled Hamilton man Ross Howarth was shown none of this when he was dumped on the side of a busy 80kmh road this week,” said Human Rights Commissioner Paul Gibson.

“Humiliating and endangering your passengers is not good for business, we urge the taxi company whose driver left Ross on the road to educate their employees and  ensure this never happens again.”

“Disabled New Zealanders like Ross Howarth deserve our empathy and respect, they don’t deserve our contempt and hostility.”

The Howarth family are able to complain to the NZ Transport Agency.

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