Inclusion matters – on the playing field too!

Inclusion matters – on the playing field too!

December 4, 2015

Participating in sport or recreational activities is well documented for creating a healthy and fulfilling life. But for physically disabled people, regular activity also brings social and personal benefits many non-disabled people take for granted. 

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation provides No Exceptions Training (NET) - a nationwide course for schools, coaches, clubs and organisations on adapting sport, physical activity and recreation to include physically disabled New Zealanders in mainstream sports and recreation programmes and events.  

69 organisations and schools have registered to do a Halberg NET since 2014 and the Foundation is pleased to announce that YMCA Auckland has confirmed its 500 staff at 16 facilities across Auckland will commence the course in 2016. 

The Halberg NET was developed by the Foundation and Sport New Zealand in 2006.  The course incorporates theory and practical elements and is presented on-site by a Halberg Disability Sport Adviser. Participants receive the training, tools and confidence to provide sport and recreation activities to all New Zealanders across various abilities and skill sets. 

“The work the Foundation does in schools, sports clubs and organisations around New Zealand to make inclusive physically activity a reality is essential to the lives of disabled people.” says Shelley McMeeken, Chief Executive of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation.

Through the Foundation’s work we’ve seen first-hand how sports can benefit disabled New Zealanders. Improving social skills, self-esteem, confidence, physical fitness, health, emotional well-being and a stronger sense of belonging are just some of the changes we hear from the people and families we’ve supported.  That’s why it’s so important that all schools, sports and recreation clubs and organisations take the training and steps to ensure they can provide inclusive sports opportunities to people of all abilities. 

To sign up for a Halberg NET go to 

About the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation is a charity set up by Olympic champion Sir Murray Halberg (ONZ) to enhance the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders.  The Foundation has a team of Disability Sport Advisers who connect physically disabled people to sport and recreation opportunities, it also provides grants for adaptive sports equipment, lessons and camps and hosts the Halberg Junior Disability Games - a national three-day sports competition for physically disabled young people in Cambridge.

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