Kiwi teens would benefit from Documentary Edge - Jackie Blue

Kiwi teens would benefit from Documentary Edge - Jackie Blue

June 4, 2015

As the Documentary Edge Film Festival opens in the Capital, Human Rights Commissioner Jackie Blue says New Zealand teenagers would benefit from watching ‘Waiting for August’.

“Learning about a teenage girl who sacrifices much of her adolescence for her younger brothers and sisters would be sobering viewing for Kiwi teens preparing for their senior balls” says Human Rights Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue.

“’Waiting for August’ is as inspirational as it is unrelenting.”

The story of a Romanian 15-year-old bringing up six siblings while their single mum works thousands of miles away is captured in the documentary ‘Waiting for August”, the film sponsored in this year’s Documentary Edge by the Human Rights Commission. 

“Often better than textbooks, unforgettable documentaries like ‘Waiting for August’ open our minds to the challenges faced by people every day across the world.”

Documentary Edge is New Zealand’s International Documentary Film Festival, it opened last week in Auckland and this year reached Wellington for the first time this year. The Roxy theatre in Miramar is hosting Documentary Edge.

‘Waiting for August’ will screen this Friday, Sunday and Thursday.

More more information on ‘Waiting for August’ view the Documentary Edge website here

Watch the trailer: 

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