Latest National Plan of Action report released

Latest National Plan of Action report released

August 9, 2019

The Human Rights Commission has today released the latest report on New Zealand's National Plan of Action for the 2014-2019 UPR cycle.

New Zealand’s National Plan of Action on Human Rights (NPA) – Te Mahere Rautaki ā-Motu – is an online tool tracking progress on actions the government committed to take to address recommendations from the 2014 Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of New Zealand’s human rights record.

New Zealand’s third UPR review took place in January 2019. The government received a total of 194 recommendations. On 4 July 2019, the Government released its formal response to these recommendations. Of these recommendations, the New Zealand Government accepted 160 and noted 34. The adoption of the 2019 UPR recommendations brings the 2014 UPR cycle, on which this NPA is based, to a close.

This report provides the final update on progress against the second UPR cycle. It is based on information provided by relevant Government agencies about their progress towards the recommendations and actions arising from the 2014 review process.

As at 30 June 2019: 62 actions are recorded as “completed”; 31 actions are recorded as “in progress”; 6 actions are recorded as “removed” (superseded); and one action has no progress status listed, as there has been no progress and the action has not been superseded.

There has been good progress in areas such as children’s rights during the period of this NPA and examples of completed actions directly reflecting UPR recommendations, for example, the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Progress in other areas has been uneven, and in some cases disappointing.

Notably, the failure to make any progress on the action related to advancing constitutional reform and the absence of comprehensive actions linked to harmonious race relations recommendations which were accepted by the government. This includes the recommendation to “develop a comprehensive legislative framework for addressing the problem of racial discrimination and incitement of racial hatred”.

Over the next few months the Commission will be reviewing its current on-line approach to monitoring the New Zealand Government’s progress in meeting its UPR commitments.

Click here to download the latest New Zealand’s National Plan of Action on Human Rights Te Mahere Rautaki ā-Motu Final Report for the 2014-2019 UPR cycle.