Looking Out For International Students: Don't Be A Bystander

Looking Out For International Students: Don't Be A Bystander

March 31, 2016

The Human Rights Commission has urged New Zealanders to look out for one another and to dob in violent criminals.

This week four international students were viciously attacked in separate incidents in Auckland city.

“If we see someone being attacked, we need to let that person know they’re not alone, don’t be a bystander,” said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

“International students are on their own and living thousands of miles away from their families. Their parents are always thinking of their safety here in New Zealand just as we do when our kids head off on their OE.”

“Whether its international students or local born people: we are all responsible for the kind of country we live in, don’t let the thugs win.”

Dame Susan said more Kiwis needed to realise the economic and cultural value international students bring to the country.

“International education brings in more than $2 billion every year to our economy and supports more than 32,000 local jobs,” said Dame Susan.

“Don’t let international students go home thinking New Zealanders are violent, racist and unkind people: we aren’t.”

Human Rights Commission

The Commission works for a free, fair, safe and just New Zealand, where diversity is valued and human dignity and rights are respected.