New guide for making a complaint about sexual harassment released

New guide for making a complaint about sexual harassment released

July 2, 2019

Today, the Human Rights Commission released an updated guide with new information on making a complaint about sexual harassment.

The Commission operates a free, informal and confidential service for questions or complaints about sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination.

The guide provides information on how the Commission's complaint process works, how an employer should deal with sexual harassment complaints, the mediation process for dealing with a complaint, the process if you've been accused of sexual harassment and where other support is available.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwelcome or offensive sexual behaviour. Sexual harassment can involve how someone speaks to you, unwanted physical contact or stalking. It can also be someone sending you unwanted messages, pictures or other images containing sexual content.

Behaviour doesn’t have to be repeated to be harassment. Serious one-off behaviour can be harassment as well.

It is also sexual harassment to request sexual activity with a suggestion of a reward for agreeing or negative consequences for refusing. What’s important is how the behaviour affects you or others.

Making a complaint and getting support

Sexual harassment can take place at work or outside the workplace.

The updated brochure gives you more information about your options for making a complaint whether at work or elsewhere.

It also gives details of where you can go to get other support.

To complain to the Commission about sexual harassment, you can call 0800 496 877, email [email protected] or use the complaint form on our website

Click here to download the guide.

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