Community News: Urgent request - Prams for new refugees!

Community News: Urgent request - Prams for new refugees!

March 21, 2016

This week our Mangere resettlement centre welcomed 150 new refugees, many from war-torn countries like Syria, Eritrea, Burma etc. Most of these are families with small children. We are currently housing 6 babies younger than 1-year-old and 21 children who are younger than six years old.

These refugees have arrived without many necessities, including prams. Our resettlement centre has NO prams available, and we are in urgent need. Without a way to safely walk with their children, these families are limited in where they can go and what they can experience in their new lives in New Zealand.

If your little ones are all grown up and you no longer need their pushchair, we know many newly-arrived parents (and some very adorable little kids) who would be extremely grateful for your donation.

In the past, we have received donated prams from the airport and bus depots lost-and-found. Unfortunately there are currently none available from our usual sources.

We have been relying on our RAS Angels quite a bit lately as we welcome large numbers of new refugees with some very complex needs. Your generosity has been incredible, and we’re so happy to have your continued support!


Diana Swarbrick

Administration Manager, Refugees as Survivors NZ

[email protected]

Mobile: 021 8383 70

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