Online tool to monitor human rights in New Zealand launched today

Online tool to monitor human rights in New Zealand launched today

June 30, 2015

The Human Rights Commission launched an online tool to monitor the Government’s human rights record today, the first of its kind in the world.

“We are keeping our Government to account by monitoring its human rights actions and making everything publicly available,” said Human Rights Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue.

“Our online National Plan of Action (NPA) is a powerful way to highlight human rights in our country by making it accessible and visible for every New Zealander.”

Last year the Government’s human rights record was reviewed by the United Nations as part of the UPR or Universal Periodic Review.  New Zealand accepted 121 and rejected 34 of the recommendations.  The NPA monitors Government’s action on the 121 recommendations it accepted.

“Focusing on violence and abuse against women and children, strengthening the human rights of New Zealand children, reducing inequalities, responding to the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes and addressing the place of Maori New Zealanders in our criminal justice system were some of the priorities highlighted in New Zealand’s review before the United Nations Human Rights Council,” said Dr Blue.

“From today anyone will be able to go online, see what the UN recommended we do and monitor what our Government agreed to do. We are expanding and highlighting the conversation about the human rights of everyday New Zealanders.”

Explore the NPA online tool:

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