Seclusion and Restraint: Do you want to share your experience?

Seclusion and Restraint: Do you want to share your experience?

September 22, 2016

The Human Rights Commission with our NPM partners are leading a project to review seclusion and restraint policies and practices in New Zealand.

The Human Rights Commission and the other National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM) under the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) have repeatedly raised concerns about the way Government agencies detain some New Zealanders, including the use of seclusion and restraint. International monitoring bodies have also raised some discrepancies in the way seclusion and restraint policies and practices are implemented in New Zealand. 

The project will identify best practice and policy, both in New Zealand and internationally, and will result in a report that will help guide New Zealand’s seclusion and restraint policies practices in future.  

We have engaged an international expert in seclusion practices, Dr Sharon Shalev, who will be assisting with this important project. Dr Shalev will visit New Zealand for three weeks in October and November. Most of her time will be spent visiting detention facilities, however she has some limited time for meetings. If you think you can provide some expert information to Dr Shalev please let us know. Staff at the Human Rights Commission may also be able to meet with you.

Hearing from people or groups who have experienced seclusion or restraint within a prison, a mental health unit, a care and protection residence, a youth justice facility or a police cell is an important part of this project. 

We want to find out about your experience - what was positive, what was negative, and what can be improved. If you are one of these people, please use this page to make a submission by Thursday 3 November, 2016. 

The Commission will read each submission and the information you submit will be used to inform our Seclusion and Restraint report. The Commission will contact you in the event that we want to further discuss your submission and any of the information it contains. We will not contact you if we do not need further information from you.

If you wish to submit a written submission, please send it to: Seclusion and Restraint Project, Human Rights Commission, PO Box 12411, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

Visit the website at:

For further information, please contact the Commission at: [email protected]

For further information on the NPMs under OPCAT click here.

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