Submission on the 'Accessible Streets' rules package

Submission on the 'Accessible Streets' rules package

May 20, 2020

The Human Rights Commission welcomes the opportunity to submit to the New Zealand Transport Agency’s consultation on a collection of rule changes known as the ‘Accessible Streets’ Package (the Regulatory Package).

The Regulatory Package proposes changes intended to create a national framework clarifying the types of vehicles and devices that are allowed on footpaths, shared paths, cycle paths and cycle lanes, and how they can use these spaces.

Given the current inconsistent physical state of New Zealand’s footpath environment and where disabled people fit in terms of access at present, it is our view that these proposals should not proceed unless there is significant consultation and co-design from a variety of diverse disabled footpath users into final proposals for adoption. 

Link to the NZTA consultation documents, deadline for submission is 5pm, Wednesday 20 May 2020

Click here to download the Human Rights Commission's submission.