Support for Blue Print call for a stand-alone agency

Support for Blue Print call for a stand-alone agency

November 28, 2014

Human Rights Commissioner lead on family violence, Dr Jackie Blue welcomes the Glenn Inquiry, ‘The People’s Blue Print’, which places at its heart that being safe and free from violence is a fundamental human right.

The blue print follows on from ‘The People’s Report’, which detailed the powerful stories of 500 domestic violence victims, frontline providers and abusers of how the current system failed them.

“Based on testimonies from victims, the findings and recommendations of the Glenn Inquiry must not be ignored,” Dr Jackie Blue said.

“I absolutely support the proposed, “arm’s length from government” stand-alone agency to coordinate a national strategy to help end family violence. This doesn’t have to be a new bricks and mortar entity but we need to be firmly focused and not be distracted if we are to make any progress.

“The “One Family-One Judge” proposal where all matters, civil and criminal, relating to family violence is considered needs to be seriously looked at.

“Going forward there must be a cross party approach to ensure that the reforms that are needed are enduring and sustainable and we also need all New Zealanders to help.

“Many of the recommendations such as a whole system approach, a national strategy, collection of accurate data and evaluation of programmes, capacity building and training of the workforce are what the government agreed to when it was examined by the Human Rights Council earlier this year,” Dr Blue said.

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