Update On The 'Love Rugby, Respect Women' Open Letter

Update On The 'Love Rugby, Respect Women' Open Letter

September 9, 2016

I wanted to thank you all for lending your support to the open letter to the New Zealand Rugby Union.

You should be very proud of your input and the result to date. Below is a brief media statement that I have provided.

Steve Tew rang last night and we had a good conversation - this morning he, myself and Louise Nicholas have continued that conversation.

We are looking forward to working with Steve and his team as we move forward.

These are courageous conversations that all New Zealanders need to have about what kind of country we want New Zealand to be.

We thank all those NZ leaders who signed our letter yesterday and the thousands of everyday people who agree with us: Love Rugby. Respect Women.


EEO Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue

Dr Blue is committed to progressing human rights and issues of equity, particularly those that affect equal employment opportunities.

She has identified youth unemployment and underachievement in Māori and Pacific communities as particular areas of concern. But is also working closely on issues to do with fair pay for carers.

Dr Blue also has a strong commitment to advancing the participation of women in society and is the Commission's lead on stopping violence against women.