Violence costs women, children and the New Zealand economy

Violence costs women, children and the New Zealand economy

November 11, 2014

The Glenn Inquiry economic impact study, ‘Measuring the Economic Costs of Child Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence in New Zealand’ released today, shows that the cost of family violence cannot be ignored says Human Rights Commissioner, Dr Jackie Blue.

“While the report conservatively estimates the economic cost to be upwards of $7 billion annually, the actual human cost is immeasurable,” Dr Blue said.

“Being safe from violence in all its forms is a basic human right and unfortunately, one of the greatest human rights challenges facing New Zealand today.”

The report’s authors say more than a quarter of a million women between age 17 and 65 will have experienced family violence in the June 2014 year, and this number will keep rising if nothing is done to break the cycle.

“International expert Professor Betsy Stanko said earlier this year that New Zealand could be world leading in this area as we are small with one Government, Police and Justice system,” she said.

“I look forward to the Glenn Inquiry’s blueprint for change of how we can get there due to be published later this month.

“To ensure that there is an enduring strategy that will not change with the political cycle, I strongly urge the Government to take a cross-party approach.

“Family violence is everyone’s problem and we can solve it together,” Dr Blue said.

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