We need to collect hate crime data

We need to collect hate crime data

February 16, 2017

The Human Rights Commission confirmed today that there is no need for new hate crime laws but there is a need to collect data when hate crimes take place.


“We are not advocating for any new laws. What we have been working with NZ Police on for some time is a plan that would see officers collect statistics on whether a crime is motivated by race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation,” said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.


“For example when the graves of Jewish New Zealanders have been desecrated; we have no official way of recording that this is crime motivated by hate. When a man is brutally attacked because he’s gay: we need a way to record that he was attacked because of who he is.”


“We want officers to be able to collect that data because at the moment it is all anecdotal.”


“With respect to people who have said hate crime are not a problem in New Zealand: people in minority communities tell us it is. Right now we have no evidence to point to either way because we do not collect the data and that needs to change.”


Human Rights Commission

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