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Respecting human rights makes good business sense. 

New Zealand businesses are increasingly aware that respecting human rights is not only the right thing to do - it's also good for business. 

Many businesses ensure they look after their workers, customers and the communities they operate in by complying with regulations. This is a great start, and it needs to go further. Businesses also need to consider the rights of people in every country that their business has an impact on. 

In this section you’ll get an introduction to human rights in a business context, and practical steps you can start today to protect your people and your business.  

Learn more: 'The Business of Human Rights' (PDF) is a guide for business on how to be good corporate citizens. You can read an Accessible version here.

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Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is embedded in larger socio-economic structures that could be addressed through the progressive realisation of economic and social rights.

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